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Who We Are

Petra Trust Company Limited is a leading corporate trustee authorized by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) to manage pension schemes and provide support services to individuals and organizations in Ghana. We manage the pensions of thousands of employees from leading multinational organizations, government agencies as well as top private sector organizations.

Petra Trust also offers personal pension and other distinct financial planning solutions for individuals who desire to save towards their dreams or retirement.

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer experience, unrivaled investment performance and operational efficiency. Our ultimate aim is to partner with you to achieve your dreams.


Who We Are

We are a corporate trustee dedicated to providing our clients and customers with top-notch pensions services guaranteed to secure your future.

At Petra Trust, we believe in the welfare of our clients and customers and as such, we have designed schemes and products that promise to help you achieve your goals. We believe in a world where smiles never fade especially in the later years of your life when you cannot work anymore. A world where you are not afraid to retire!

Our Vision

We leverage deep insight to create solutions that make us the preferred partner for people across Africa.

Our Purpose

Partnering people to achieve their dreams.

Petra Advantage Pension Scheme (Tier 2 Scheme)

The Petra Advantage Pension Scheme is a Tier 2 Master Trust Scheme registered by the NPRA in 2012 to provide a holistic pension trustee services to employers sponsoring a mandatory, tax-advantaged defined contribution scheme for their employees as required by the National Pension Act, Act 766(2008). The scheme was adjudged Pension Scheme of the Year at the Ghana Accountancy and Finance Awards, 2017, and offers exceptional administrative services, world-class customer service and remarkable returns.

Petra Opportunity Pension Scheme (Tier 3 Scheme)

The Petra Opportunity Pension Scheme is a Tier 3 (Provident Fund) Master Trust scheme registered by the NPRA in 2012 to provide both employers and employees an opportunity to make extra savings toward their retirement. Under this voluntary tax-advantaged scheme, up to 16.5% of an employee’s monthly income can be contributed into the scheme tax free.
The Petra Opportunity Pension Scheme has industry leading Service Levels, exceptional customer experience and offers innovative value-added services that makes it the best provident fund scheme in the industry.

What we do

As a corporate trustee, Petra provides all the investment and administration services with the sole aim of providing the scheme member with competitive investment returns and exceptional customer experience.


Employer Sponsored Schemes

Fund Administration Services

At Petra, we recognize that good governance and administration are crucial to pension fund management for Employer Sponsored as well as other standalone schemes. So we combine state of the art technology with thorough administrative processes to ensure that employees receive accurate and timely information on their contributions and investments, and that all regulatory requirements are satisfied.

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